ChaCha, if you haven’t heard of it, you might be living under a rock. Popular among America’s youth,  this handy texting services even has it’s own app. Working for ChaCha is easy, Not to mention FUN! You aren’t an employee, but you’re an independent contractor. You have to take a test, which if you can pass your 5th graders spelling test, you’re likely a perfect candidate. After watching a few 5 minute videos they call “training” you’re on your way to being a guide. You text 242242 a question and recieve an answer, that’s what you’ll be doing, answering these text using an in browser search engine, which pretty much 90 percent of the time gives you the answer, no searching or anything difficult. Pay is minimal per question but it racks up fast! This is great for anyone who needs to make some money fast, and now! You have two payment options, Pay Me Now- deposits your earned cash into your Pay Pal account instantly, OR Pay me Monthly-which at the end of the month after earning 150 dollars you can deposit it directly onto a prepaid card or bank account. Easy. I easily made the 150 dollar cash out a month putting a few hours in a day. You’re not gettin rich quick, but lets face it, is there any such thing as getting rich quick? No. However, this will help pay bills if you’re a stay at home mom, or just needing a little extra income. Well worth it, once I started making more money online, I started using this as a fun activity and a savings account. I would let it build up in my PayPal account and cash out at the end of the year for a very nice check on vacation, or a big purchase I needed. Use it now, use it later, it helps! You can even tell your friends to join, and make part of their earnings, who doesn’t love free money? I know I do!

Sign up here:

Wanna join MY team? use this email as a referring email :


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