Amazons MTurk

  *side note- you will need to click on the pic to see the totals.


Hey my most amazing Bloggets, I chose to show you Mturk today because it is one of my favorite sites and your earning potential is high, if you put in the time, you will reap the benefits. NO, this isn’t going to supplement your income. Like many of my pages, you’ll see, I don’t do just one thing. I started out doing one thing, than finding another, and another, and I spend a few hours making the most out of each site to maximize my earnings. Amazon is a well known and reputable site, as you can see, no scams here. Just like always, I want to bring you the real stuff. Mturk was one of the first few sites I tried, and I’ve been working with them for years. Sign up is easy. Please if you do sign up, don’t ruin your reputation with them. If you honestly want to make a good income from home, and want that extra money flowing in. You have to be dedicated. Many of the tasks are tedious, but what job isn’t. Some of the surveys are kinda fun, there are often new app programs for iPhones and androids on here also that will pay you to test them and them give them a quick 250 word review.

So, when you sign up, you’ll begin doing HIT’s these HIT’s are your tasks to be done, you’ll have thousands and thousands to choose from, and sorting tools as well. I always sort from highest payout-lowest payout.  You’ll want to qualify for as many ‘tests’ as you can, the more you’re qualified to do, the more money you are gonna make! A lot of these qualification tests are very simple, like verifying your email, phone, etc. Some of the test will be to see how your English Skills stack up for transcriptions. Amazon will pay you directly to your bank/debit/pre-paid card after you reach a 10.00 pay out ( which I can EASILY do before a 24 hour period) However, I have been on the for a few years at minimum, so I have spent a lot of time qualifying. Some of the high paying tasks can be 64 dollars ( but watch out- these are offers, such as credit reports- you may have to pay- so I didn’t do those!) I like to stick with the so easy 3-12.00 tasks by creating a simple dating profile which takes about 5 minutes and then send them a screenshot. Easy. If you don’t have a ‘mock’ email where all your junk goes to, I highly suggest you do this right away :). Mturk doesn’t charge you to withdraw your funds either. Which I also loved!  You put the time in you will get the cash back. Got any questions, or want a mentor- I’m here, that’s what this blog is for. Sign up by clicking the links I provided to you in this blog that say Mturk. There is no referral program, so you won’t be part of my team, but I’m still here for support!

I had no one to show me tips and tricks- what things meant or how to choose. Shoot me a comment or an email, I will do my best to respond within 24 hours…See you on the flip side bloggets!


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