what the hell happened, I’m not rich yet…

10 Dec

Well, it’s true, I’m still struggling to get this thing off the ground. I just realized I still have my earphones in too, and i haven’t heard a sound come out of them in about 2 hours….eek. Sorry, there goes the ADD again, probably a reason why my paypal account isn’t overflowing with cash. I haven’t updated in so long, cause to be honest…i gave up for a little while. 

Again, I’m sorry. I’m a slacker. I know. But hey, I’m back, is anyone out there still with me? lol. I’m gonna do it big this time, become a millionaire! HA, see, I might not be rich yet, but iI’m still making you laugh. No one said this was going to be easy, but I sure as hell can make it FUN!

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