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what the hell happened, I’m not rich yet…

10 Dec

Well, it’s true, I’m still struggling to get this thing off the ground. I just realized I still have my earphones in too, and i haven’t heard a sound come out of them in about 2 hours….eek. Sorry, there goes the ADD again, probably a reason why my paypal account isn’t overflowing with cash. I haven’t updated in so long, cause to be honest…i gave up for a little while. 

Again, I’m sorry. I’m a slacker. I know. But hey, I’m back, is anyone out there still with me? lol. I’m gonna do it big this time, become a millionaire! HA, see, I might not be rich yet, but iI’m still making you laugh. No one said this was going to be easy, but I sure as hell can make it FUN!

Posting your links for Facebook. duhn duhn duuuhhnnn.

10 Dec

Oh my, I can’t tell you just how many of my wonderful friends on facebook have not just unfriended me, but completely blocked my rear end for posting my affiliate sites on FB. So frusterating. I mean, you should have seen the complete and utter drama that went down on my page over some silly little link that takes you to a gallery of cute and cool little trinkets that make great christmas gifts. I mean, isn’t it the season of giving, Thought, HEY!, this is just what the people will want!…er…not so much. well, most of them piped up with support and encouragement chasing a “spam” hater away. He even reported me, luckily, no spam, its just a gallery, can’t get in trouble for that little buddy! 🙂

I have pretty much learned a long time ago, not to let it effect my mood, but sometimes I really hate to see some of my friends or family go, cause they want to know “what’s going on in my life” not what cool gadgets are out, or what the latest trends in the celebrity world are. *sigh* what’s wrong with these people? lol.

Do you guys have the same problem as me…or is it just my crazy friends?

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