11 Apr

So It’s 6:15 am Wednesday, I haven’t been to bed, and yes, I am eating Ramen for breakfast. Who does this? I do! Not usually, but you know, I love working so much that I can’t seem to pull myself away from the computer. I had to share it with you. That glorious moment when you crave Ramen for breakfast, are out of smokes, and don’t feel like heading out to get more, so you just blog about the insanity instead! HA! I’m half kidding. I actually didn’t work for a couple hours, I played on FB and got caught up in some stuff my friends are dealing with. Relationships are so much work. My Fiancee actually works out of town often, other wise lord knows we’d argue too! HA, again, half kidding.

I must have forgotten my back door screen was open, ’cause the birds are awfully loud this morning. I may never get any work done if they keep this up!

Anyways, my amazing blog readers and fans (ha- look at me being the jokster this morning, like I actually have fans!?) I am curious do you have a work at home story? I’d love to hear it, I’m going to post my number 3 favorite site to earn money online later, you should subscribe/follow, if you haven’t already so you know when I’ve posted it. Also, any sites you’re interested in knowing about? I might have (probably did) tried it and hated it, or liked it but it didn’t make it in my top 10. Who knows, you won’t unless you catch up with me later. See ya on the flip side yall! I gotta go finish the Ramen before it gets all cold and yucky.


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