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Weegy Grasshoppas!

14 Apr

I love Weegy! I still use it nearly everyday. Are you a Weegy expert? Even now while I’m writing this blog I have the expert window open and am earning money. I wanted to reach out and see if any of my bloggets have attempted to be an expert, or just use Weegy to answer questions.

Do you like it?

How do you feel about your earnings?

Have you given up?

Did Weegy not work correctly for you?

Would you like to become an Expert and start earning now?

I hope that you’ll take a moment to answer some of these questions and help me better understand your needs, OR let me know if you plan on giving it a shot- here’s a link to become an Expert : BECOME AN EXPERT ON WEEGYStart Earning NOW! scroll down and click sign-up!


Coffee with my Bloggets, It’s Grocery Day!

13 Apr

When you work at home, I have to say you start to do everything online, about a year ago, I found out ordering my groceries online! I learned this is the BEST way to do my grocery shopping. I avoid lines, I avoid the bakery clearance in the front of the store that tempts me with deliciousness every single time. Also, I can search by the cheapest items to most expensive items, so when on a budget, you might want to look into this. Saved me money all the time, and still does. Even the rich people won’t stay rich if they don’t practice frugality! Oh, second nice thing, no parking. I pull up to the store and they have my order ready to go, they even load my groceries, only thing i have to do is hand them my card through the window, they run it and I’m good to go. Leaves me more time to spend with my Fiance when he’s home. Which he is, cause he got home last night.

I think today might be a good idea to get a therma cup for my coffee, it gets cold too quickly. I don’t know about you guys, but I hate to chug my coffee.

I haven’t had the chance to speak with the gentleman who wanted to talk to me further about the Affiliate marketing yet. However, I am currently trying to get a hold of him. I’m kind of excited to speak with him to see if I can get some insight to better bring you the best way to go about doing this particular online job without costing you money. I may later have a site where start-up cost are minimal but for now I want to focus on not costing you a penny. I hear stories all the time about how people are able to supplement their income with affiliate marketing, however, right now, I’m just not seeing it yet.

Well, Coffee in hand, I’m off to work. 🙂 Good morning my bloggets, hope your day is starting out as great as mine is!


Grilled Cheeses and Affiliate Marketing!

12 Apr

I just got done eating my most amazing grilled cheese ever…lemme know if you want the recipe ( it’s a walk in the park!) Found out it’s National Grilled Cheese Day too, I should earn points for this. Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese…YUM!

Ok, So I’m focusing now, sorry. I should tell you I love food, almost as much as I love working from home and writing. I got a comment earlier about Affiliate marketing,, decided I’d do a quick short blog about about it and see what your opinions were on the subject.

Anyone out there try this before? I am in the process of doing my research and trying it now. However, just like anyone, there’s always someone with more experience than myself. Even Donald Trump still learns new things, I promise you that. I have to remind you that I do all my research strictly from a 100% free stand-point. There are too many single parents, stay at home moms, and college students that just don’t have the financial freedom to invest. If it cost me so much as penny. It’s not free. So, with that said, sometimes my review of products and how well they are able to function without being able to buy programs, software, and coaching takes a little longer to see enough profit to make my cut on the lists. I started doing a kind of Split-test with the Affiliate Marketing through Click Bank, and Through ChaCha Affiliate program ( I like this one the best, it doesn’t require my subscribers to purchase anything for me to get my commissions)

Those are in the works as of now. When I feel it’s worth your time, it makes my cut. I will touch base about it occasionally and keep you guys informed. Having traffic is the most important thing to earning when doing any sort of Internet marketing, and when you don’t pay for a traffic generator, or an advertisement service this can be a slow start. With all good things tho, it takes time. So that’s where we are now with Affiliate Marketing! My shout out to Vilipend for bringing that up. Thank you! I’m sure you are helping answer a lot of peoples questions. Like I said, if anyone has any input on the matter please, feel free to comment, or email me! So, now onto tonight’s post about my next SITE! See you soon Ladies and Gents! 🙂




Good morning my beautiful bloggets :)

12 Apr

Wide awake this morning and powering through another fun filled day. Tomorrow is grocery day! Ha, the little things always excite me. We are actively cooking breakfast, omelets this morning, yum! We are also going to try jalapeno popper grilled cheeses, I’m anxious to try them, they look delicious! My goal today is to get about 120 more links up and posted, but I haven’t had the ambition this morning to, kinda just want to relax. My fiancee will be home tonight, it’ll be late, but I can’t wait. This out of town work he does definitely sucks…

What has your week been like? Been as busy as mine. I definitely need a long break. Got a great new page going up for you guys later today on CashCrate and how to maximize your earnings on there. I like  their website a lot, however, sometimes it can take far to long to post my earnings, Also Mturk from Amazon (Which I like better than CashCrate) where you can easily start out making 25 dollars a day extra for little effort. So I’ll talk to you guys soon…for now, I’m gonna go eat my omelet!


11 Apr

So It’s 6:15 am Wednesday, I haven’t been to bed, and yes, I am eating Ramen for breakfast. Who does this? I do! Not usually, but you know, I love working so much that I can’t seem to pull myself away from the computer. I had to share it with you. That glorious moment when you crave Ramen for breakfast, are out of smokes, and don’t feel like heading out to get more, so you just blog about the insanity instead! HA! I’m half kidding. I actually didn’t work for a couple hours, I played on FB and got caught up in some stuff my friends are dealing with. Relationships are so much work. My Fiancee actually works out of town often, other wise lord knows we’d argue too! HA, again, half kidding.

I must have forgotten my back door screen was open, ’cause the birds are awfully loud this morning. I may never get any work done if they keep this up!

Anyways, my amazing blog readers and fans (ha- look at me being the jokster this morning, like I actually have fans!?) I am curious do you have a work at home story? I’d love to hear it, I’m going to post my number 3 favorite site to earn money online later, you should subscribe/follow, if you haven’t already so you know when I’ve posted it. Also, any sites you’re interested in knowing about? I might have (probably did) tried it and hated it, or liked it but it didn’t make it in my top 10. Who knows, you won’t unless you catch up with me later. See ya on the flip side yall! I gotta go finish the Ramen before it gets all cold and yucky.

Welcome my fellow Work at Home Wannabes!

9 Apr

Welcome, to my blog. I know, It’s not that exciting right now. Full of promise, and yet so empty. Kinda like your wallet, I’m sure. You’re here because you want to know how to make money from home, in your pj’s with your cup of coffee. Me too! Well I’m already doing that, true. I’m however, not a millionaire. So firstly, don’t expect to jump into this feet first and come out rich, famous and driving a Lamborghini. You will be sorely mistaken, lose hope, and give up. Which we’ve all heard the saying, quitters never prosper, or win, or whatever it says. You have to keep on keepin’ on. Keep your chin up, stay up long hours, and put forth a lot of consistent effort. That’s the only way you’ll see profits rolling into your account every month. I decided to make this blog because starting out I subscribed to hundreds of forums like, and although they are a good blog, you still get a lot of scammy posts, and you can’t always be sure who’s being honest and who is trying to take you for your money. A work at home job is super hard to come by. Most companies hire you as an Independent contractor, or you get sucked into a work at home business. They will promise you lots of income and fill you with hopes of large checks, that you will never ever see. You should NEVER EVER pay for a work at home job, work at home business’ might work if you have the network and the time, otherwise, you likely wont see the money come back out that you put in, and you’ll have a useless home business on your hands. Some can be successful at it. However, it’s not up my alley. I wanted to make profits without risks of losing money. Free and clear, that’s  the way I like it. 

So that’s why you’re here, to figure it out. There’s no easy one line answer. It’s a process. It’s a journey, it’s having a plan and a schedule and sticking to it. Following me will help you see what’s worked for me, and what hasn’t the kind of money I’m making out of each market, and for support. You can never get enough support. So lets do it!

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